Conferences and Certification Committee

Dr. Wafaa Haidamous, Lebanon: Chair
Dr. Ghalib Hosni, Oman: Co-Chair
Mr. Sebastian Meindl, Germany
Mr. Sheikh Faleigh, Malaysia
Mr. Roy Lai, Singapore
Ms. Sanja Mlovcic, Bosnia
Ms. Jovana Illic – Serbia
Dr. Mishari Al Shelhub – KSA
Mr. Pedro Ramos – Portugal
Dr. Uddesh Kohli-India
Dr. Ahmed Al Banna – Coordinator

International Projects and Strategy Committee

Mr. Tayo Rotimi (Nigeria): Chair
Dr. Raed Khanfar (Jordan): Co-Chair - Representing Middle East
Ms. Marita Salo (Finland) - Representing Europe
Dr. Patti Phillips (USA) - Representing Member Services
Dr. Shen, Chien-Chung (Taiwan) - Representing Asia
Ms. Janet Jolaoso (Nigeria) - Representing Africa
Dr. Anita Chauhan (India) - Representing Asia

Membership Services Committee

Dr. Patti Phillips: Chair
Dr. Tayo George: Co-chair
Dr. Uddesh Kohli
Ms. Nancy Burns

Research, Publications and Awards Committee

Dr. Vinayshil Gautam: Chair
Dr. A Pius: Co-Chair
Dr. Pati Philips: member
Mr. Amr Sallam: Member

Women and Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Committee:

Ms. Janet I.K.Jolaoso: Chair
Dr. Anita Chauhan: Co-Chair
Dr. Raj Auckloo
Mr. Tejan Ibrahim
Dr. (Prof) Tayo George

Special Golden Jubilee Celebration Task Force, reporting to President, IFTDO, consisting of:

Dr. Vinayshil Gautam-Chair
Dr. Ahmad Al Banna-Co-Chair
Maj Gen. Dr. Mohd. A Bin Fahad-Co-Chair
Dr. Helmi Sallam
Dr. Ranjan Mohapatra
Dr. Patti Phillips
Dr. Wafaa Haidamous
Dr. Uddesh Kohli