Chairpersons Message
Esteemed Members of IFTDO,

It is a great honour for me to assume the role of Chairman of the Board. I take this opportunity to communicate that I am committed to leading the entire IFTDO fraternity towards a positive future, especially as we approach the momentous occasion of our 50th year. I am confident that together, we shall overcome challenges and pave way for new accomplishments.

As we approach the significant milestone of our Golden Jubilee year, we must reflect on IFTDO’s remarkable five-decade journey. While we must acknowledge the tremendous work done by our yester year leaders, we must realise that they have put a great responsibility on each one of us as well. We must come worthy of it.

During my tenure, I propose to focus on three key pillars to ensure our positive trajectory.
Firstly, unity and collaboration will be the key. By fostering a strong sense of belongingness and shared purpose, we will harness the power of our diverse membership to address challenges and seize opportunities collectively.

I encourage active engagement from all members, as we shape and realise our shared vision.
Secondly, transparency and effective communication will be the bedrock. I am committed to keeping our information channels open with dialogues, regular updates and actively seeking your valuable feedback. Transparent communication will build trust, foster stronger relationships, and help us overcome any obstacles that arise.

Lastly, embracing innovation and facilitating growth will be crucial. In an ever-evolving world, we must remain agile, adaptable and forward-thinking. I am sure we shall collectively explore new frontiers, embrace emerging technologies, and promote best practices in training and development.

The upcoming Golden Jubilee Conference in Egypt will serve as a catalyst for our renewed vision. It will be a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration. I urge each member to actively participate, share expertise, and contribute to the success of this momentous event.

Once again, I extend my gratitude for your trust and support as I take on the role of Chairman. It is an honour & I am genuinely excited to lead IFTDO towards a brighter future, upholding our values, fostering professional growth and ensuring the well-being of our members.
You may reach out to me at any time at
Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra