International Federation of Training and Development Organisations

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A Diverse Global Network of Organisations Focused on People & Performance


IFTDO Committees are responsible for the majority of the work accomplished by the Federation. Though each committee has a chair, who is a member of the Executive Board, representatives of member organizations are eligible and, in fact, encouraged to join and work on committees, based on their time availability and interests, as well as the needs of each committee.  Committee membership is one valuable way for member organizations to become more active, involved contributors to the Federation.

Please review the mission, objectives as well as current projects and initiatives for the various committees, and contact the Chair, if you would like to volunteer your time and talent.  If you join a committee, you will have the chance to contribute to the results of the Federation, and, also, benefit from the opportunity to meet and work with a diverse group of professionals globally on important objectives.

Conference Coordination Committee

Developing Countries

Finance Committee with Chair



Scientific & Awards