International Federation of Training and Development Organisations

A Diverse Global Network of Organisations Focused on People & Performance

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IFTDO was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1972 in order to develop and maintain a worldwide network committed to the identification, development and transfer of knowledge, skills and technology to enhance personal growth, human performance, productivity and sustainable development.

IFTDO is the most multinational, multicultural Training and Development organization in the world with a truly diverse Board of Directors leading the organization. Our members form a highly diverse network of human resource management and development organizations globally, linking HR professionals in HR societies, corporations, universities, consultancies, government organizations and enterprises. IFTDO currently represents more than 500,000 professionals in over 30 countries.


IFTDO’s vision is to be a unique and effective resource to the HRD profession working GLOBALLY for the betterment of life. IFTDO has as its fundamental and driving mission, to promote the concept of HRD as an effective tool, across all sectors of society, in order to increase personal and organizational effectiveness.

The value of IFTDO’s focus on people or human resources, is magnified if you can agree that organizations ARE their people. That is, buildings, equipment, financial assets, technology and so forth, are all important to the success of organizations, but they produce nothing without people!


Conferences – IFTDO has global conferences that move from country to country each year, as well as regional conferences on a smaller scale that bring the benefits of getting together and sharing as professionals closer to home for many people and in a more affordable way.

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Committee and Board Participation – IFTDO offers a uniquely global opportunity to learn and share while serving on committees and/or on the Board of Directors.

Publish and Present – There are extensive opportunities to publish and present to a large, diverse and powerful global audience both inside of the IFTDO community and externally.

Awards and Recognition – IFTDO has launched an awards and recognition program that is intended to each year celebrate the projects that have made a real difference, as well as, the effort and application of the people who have made them possible.

Resources – IFTDO enables access to the important publications of some of our large and internationally respected member organizations.

Representation – IFTDO represents the HR profession through its affiliation with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Research – IFTDO is dedicated to sponsoring, promoting and disseminating HRD Research and in 2013, the membership authorized the first in a series of Research studies on global HRD practices to be undertaken in partnership with the Universities Forum in HRD.

Collaboration – Through the website and using the Waggl® crowd-sourcing tool, IFTDO supports discussion, knowledge sharing and collaboration across the richly diverse, global Federation membership.


Whether you are a small consulting firm, a large business enterprise, a professional society, a university, government agency or some other organization dedicated to human performance, IFTDO offers you: international recognition through use of our logo, expanded capabilities via sharing with other members, opportunities to publish and present on a worldwide stage, access to information about global events, access to world thinking and practices through global network projects and research, and many, many more valuable benefits!