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Comparative HRD Practice (Joint IFTDO UFHRD research) - Final Report

Drawing on an extensive literature review and data from focus groups conducted in four countries this report describes similarities and differences in HRD professional practice across three continents.

Neuroscience in Action

This report forms part of the CIPD’s programme of research exploring how findings from behavioural science are influencing the HR and learning and development (L&D) profession. The ideas discussed in the research report broadly connect to the use of neuroscience to: 1) inform learning/change management design 2) enhance learning/leadership development content. It reveals how several high profile organisations have used insights into how the brain works to enhance learner engagement, improve customer service and reduce staff turnover and training costs. It also offers L&D and HR practitioners an overview of what neuroscience is, as well as practical advice on how to implement effective neuroscience techniques with minimal investment. The report is drawn from case study research with eight organisations. Interviews were held with senior L&D and HR professionals, along with a range of independent practitioners with expertise in this field. A fuller review of this research appears in IFTDO News, No 1, 2015. The full research report can be downloaded from:

Coaching in Organizations

ATD Research have published ‘The Coaching Approach: A Key Tool for Successful Managers’. based on a survey of over 550 learning leaders. Headline findings include a strong sense that there are significant benefits to be gained from integrating coaching into organizational HRD practice. For more details on this research go to:‐Reports/2014/The‐Coaching-Approach?mktcops=c.mgmt%7ec.learning‐anddevelopment%7ec.human‐capital

Managing the value of your talent: key findings and conclusions

This is the final report on the Valuing your Talent project involving three professional bodies representing the accounting, management and human resources professions - CIMA, the CMI, and the CIPD. Sponsored by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) and Investors in People (IIP), the research was designed to help employers better understand the impact their people have on the performance of their organization and make better people management and workforce investment-related decisions. Through the research the CIPD have developed a common framework for the range of human capital information and measures that organizations might use. Based on a wide range of input, four primary human capital measures were identified employee engagement score; recruitment costs, training and development costs, and staff compensation and benefits costs. It is against these metrics that it is considered organizations should report externally in their annual reports. Further reviews of this research are contained in IFTDO News, No 1 and No 3, 2014. The source CIPD research reports are available from:

Human Capital reporting: CIPD research report