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Latest issue of Journal published

Mon, May 22nd, 2017

The first issue of Volume 2 maintains the momentum of IFTDO’s new journal (in partnership with UFHRD) with strong “scholarly practice” contributions both in the main section and in the HRD Forum. The issue can be downloaded here


Practice insights: Three contributions reflect, unequivocally, the voice of the HRD practitioner. Mark Cole questions traditional, and still pervasive, notions of ‘training’ in the workplace. In discussing the relationships between organizational effectiveness, organization development and learning and development he constructs a ‘foundation for improvement’ based on three elements: knowledge, connections and conversation. Drawing on illustrative accounts of current L&D practice from one NHS Trust in the UK, the paper develops something of a practice agenda for how fellow practitioners might re-think their own work. A ‘facilitative approach’,  ‘working with conversation’ and ‘inquiry based intervention’ capture the nature of Cole’s HRD practice.


Gillian Felton and her colleagues, Lisa Banton and Angela Earnshaw, all active organisation  development practitioners, provide rich insight into their personal journeys of professional development using soft systems methodology. Figure 1 illustrates one of the author’s rich pictures  used to help her “explore her initial ideas and knowledge and challenge some of her assumptions.  They subsequently draw these together with an assessment of the value of this particular HRD pathway, together with consideration of implications for OD practice more generally. From OD in the UK public sector we are transported to the United Arab Emirates where Alaa Garad and Fiona Martis highlight interesting developments in HRD at national and local levels. The paper focuses upon an approach which seeks to build upon and ultimately integrate standards drawn from the models of Business Excellence (BE) and Investors in People (IIP) (Figure). In this the second of a two-part article a case study is presented which illustrates the combined benefits of the two standards. The article draws out the practice initiatives and achievements taken by the case organization — a large hotel in Abu Dhabi — in developing from BE to IIP. An integrated model offers national and organizational HRD a challenging but exciting prospect.

Journal News:  HRD ‘Scholar-Practitioner’ Writing Award

The Editorial Board are pleased to announce the launch of an award to encourage new HRD Scholar-Practitioner writers. It is aimed at those who have recently completed or are nearing completion, an HRD research project, linked to a postgraduate or professional programme (e.g. DBA, DEd, Masters / Diploma in HR/HRD).

Key Points:

  • Two awards to be offered in 2017/18
  • Award consists of monetary sum, place at IFTDO/UFHRD Conference, fast track publication in Journal
  • Jointly authored submissions (i.e. where the proposed article is jointly authored with a supervisor) may be a particularly attractive and accessible way to proceed
  • The deadline for submissions is 31 December, 2017

Text Box: Articles from this issue of the Journal are available to download at Journal can also be accessed via the Home Page of the IFTDO web site (see the Carousel). Any IFTDO member preferring a hard copy of the Journal please contact the Editor at editors@ijhrdppr.comSee for full details.