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ILO claim closing gender could add trillions to global economy

Thu, Jun 15th, 2017

ILO Report:  Closing the gender gap could add trillions to global economy

A new ILO report suggests  that closing the gender gaps by 25 per cent by 2025 could add US$ 5.8 trillion to the global economy and boost tax revenue.

The report, World Employment and Social Outlook (WESO): Trends for Women 2017 , shows gender gaps are one of the most pressing challenges facing the world of work. Women are significantly less likely than men to participate in the labour market, and those who do look for work are less likely than men to find it. What’s more, women in the region work in jobs that tend to be both of lower quality and lower pay than their male counterparts.

At the global level, there have been some improvements in reducing gender gaps in labour force participation. Yet this has been less apparent in Asia. In fact, less than one in three women in South Asia are active in the labour market (28.6 per cent), representing a female participation rate that is 51 percentage points less than the rate for males. Moreover, this gap that has widened over the last decade more than any other region. In East Asia, the gap is less worrisome as the participation rate for women remains the second highest globally at 61.3 per cent.

The report can be downloaded at:

Additionally the ILOS web site at: provides details on which countries have the largest gender gap within the workforce.