International Federation of Training and Development Organisations

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Christine Marsh (U.K.)


Abdel Bari Durra (Jordan)
Carol Panza (USA)
Ebrahim Al’Dossary (Bahrain)
Kayode Ogungbuyi (Nigeria)
Rick Holden (UK) Website Sub-Committee
Uddesh Kohli (India) – SG Ex-Officio
Wei Wang (USA)


Though the Membership Committee cannot grow the membership directly, it can identify and take actions that will contribute to enhancing and communicating the value proposition for IFTDO membership and, thereby, have an impact on membership retention and growth.


Current Projects & Initiatives

Annual Member Survey development, distribution of response analysis for recommendations to the IFTDO Board

Active role in the revamp and re-launch

Materials, scripts and tools (including a continuous loop file with visuals to attract visitors to our booth) to further enhance the information quality and attraction capabilities of the booth

Recommendations for a lead gathering and management process and tools

Who Should Volunteer

Other Information

To discuss joining or to learn more contact:

Christine Marsh, Chair